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{erl_opts, [debug_info,
{i, ["include"]},
{d, xml_nif},
{parse_transform, lager_transform}]}.
%% For behaviour info
{erl_first_files, [
{xref_checks, [undefined_function_calls,
{".*", "priv/lib/", ["c_src/ejabberd_zlib_drv.c"], [{env, [{"LDFLAGS", "$LDFLAGS -lz"}]}]},
{".*", "priv/lib/", ["c_src/mongoose_mam_id.cpp"], [{env, [{"CXXFLAGS", "$CXXFLAGS -std=c++11"}]}]}
%% We use functions introduced in Erlang/OTP 19
{require_min_otp_vsn, "19"}.
%% We agreed to use https:// for deps because of possible firewall issues.
%% By default, deps are downloaded without using git by rebar_faster_deps.
%% If you still prefer git protocol, update your "~/.gitconfig" by running:
%% git config --global url."git://github".insteadOf https://github
{base16, "1.0.0"},
{exml, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{lager, "3.6.7"},
{lager_syslog, {git, "", {tag, "3.0.3"}}},
{cowboy, "2.6.0"},
{exometer_core, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{exometer_report_graphite, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{exometer_report_statsd, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{jiffy, "0.15.2"},
{fusco, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{idna, "6.0.0"},
{uuid, "1.7.4", {pkg, uuid_erl}},
{fast_tls, "1.0.26"},
{lasse, "1.2.0"},
{worker_pool, "3.2.0"}, %% version 4.0.0 requires OTP>=21
{riakc, "2.5.3"},
{cqerl, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{mysql, {git, "", {tag, "1.3.3"}}},
{epgsql, "4.2.1"},
{eodbc, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{tirerl, "1.1.0"},
{cache_tab, "1.0.16"},
{stringprep, "1.0.14"},
{proper, "1.3.0"},
{meck, "0.8.12"},
{pa, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{usec, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{bbmustache, "1.6.1"},
{recon, "2.4.0"},
{erlcloud, "3.2.2"},
{jwerl, "1.0.0"},
{csv, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}},
{cpool, "0.1.0"},
{observer_cli, "1.4.1"},
{nkpacket, {git, "", {ref, "f7c5349"}}},
{nksip, {git, "", {ref, "1a29ef3"}}},
{amqp_client, "3.7.11-rc.1"},
{eredis, {git, "", {ref, "e9688a1"}}},
{gen_fsm_compat, "0.3.0"},
{erlang_pmp, "0.1.1"}
{relx, [{release, { mongooseim, {cmd, "cat VERSION | tr -d '\r\n'"} },
[]}, %%Apps list is dynamicaly set by rebar.config.script
{dev_mode, true},
%% TODO: extra copies waste space, but mongooseim script requires the files in a certain place
{include_erts, true},
{generate_start_script, false},
{extended_start_script, false},
{overlay, [
{mkdir, "priv/ssl"},
{copy, "tools/ssl/mongooseim/cert.pem", "priv/ssl/fake_cert.pem"},
{copy, "tools/ssl/mongooseim/key.pem", "priv/ssl/fake_key.pem"},
{copy, "tools/ssl/mongooseim/server.pem", "priv/ssl/fake_server.pem"},
{copy, "tools/ssl/mongooseim/dh_server.pem", "priv/ssl/fake_dh_server.pem"},
{copy, "tools/ssl/ca/cacert.pem", "priv/ssl/cacert.pem"},
{copy, "rel/files/erl", "erts-\{\{erts_vsn\}\}/bin/erl"},
{template, "rel/files/nodetool", "erts-\{\{erts_vsn\}\}/bin/nodetool"},
{template, "rel/files/mongooseim", "bin/mongooseim"},
{template, "rel/files/mongooseimctl", "bin/mongooseimctl"},
{template, "rel/files/app.config", "etc/app.config"},
{template, "rel/files/vm.args", "etc/vm.args"},
{template, "rel/files/vm.dist.args", "etc/vm.dist.args"},
{copy, "priv/logo.txt", "priv/logo.txt"},
{copy, "VERSION", "priv/VERSION"}
[{setcookie, ejabberd},
{sname, 'mongooseim@localhost'}
{profiles, [ {prod, [{relx, [ {dev_mode, false},
{overlay_vars, "rel/vars.config"},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]},
%% development nodes
{mim1, [{relx, [ {overlay_vars, ["rel/vars.config", "rel/mim1.vars.config"]},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]},
{mim2, [{relx, [ {overlay_vars, ["rel/vars.config", "rel/mim2.vars.config"]},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]},
{mim3, [{relx, [ {overlay_vars, ["rel/vars.config", "rel/mim3.vars.config"]},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]},
{fed1, [{relx, [ {overlay_vars, ["rel/vars.config", "rel/fed1.vars.config"]},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]},
{reg1, [{relx, [ {overlay_vars, ["rel/vars.config", "rel/reg1.vars.config"]},
{overlay, [{template, "rel/files/mongooseim.cfg", "etc/mongooseim.cfg"}]} ]}]}
%% This plugin dowloads zips from github and caches them
%% This plugin is totally optional and everything would work without it (just slower)
{rebar_faster_deps, {git, "",
{ref, "eb3cded5b050edd82cf8653f8c850c6c9890f732"}}},
{pc, {git, "", {ref, "c2f3fb1"}}},
{coveralls, {git, "", {ref, "f124a62"}}},
{provider_asn1, {git, "", {ref, "29f7850"}}},
{rebar3_codecov, {git, "", {ref, "b539c5c"}}},
{rebar3_lint, {git, "", {tag, "0.1.2"}}}
[{pre, [{compile, {asn, compile}}, {compile, {pc, compile}}]},
{post, [{clean, {asn, clean}}, {clean, {pc, clean}}]
[{override, syslog,
[ {provider_hooks,
[ {post, [ {compile, {pc, compile}},
{clean, {pc, clean}} ] }] } ]},
{override, stringprep,
[ {provider_hooks,
[ {post, [ {compile, {pc, compile}},
{clean, {pc, clean}} ] }] } ]},
%% Disable unsupported plugins for hamcrest-erlang
{override, riakc, [{erl_opts, [debug_info,
{d, namespaced_types},
{d, deprecated_now},
{d, deprecated_19}]}]},
{override, hamcrest, [{plugins, []}]},
{del, eper, [{erl_opts, [warnings_as_errors]}]},
%% Erlang JWT Library is in elixir and wants elvis for tests
%% Remove elvis plugin to reduce deps
{override, jwerl, [{plugins, [rebar3_elixir, rebar3_hex]}]}
{dialyzer, [{plt_extra_apps, [cowboy, lasse, p1_utils, ranch, gen_fsm_compat, epgsql]}]}.
{cover_enabled, true}.
{cover_print_enabled, true}.
{cover_export_enabled, true}.
{coveralls_coverdata, "_build/**/cover/*.coverdata"}.
{coveralls_service_name, "travis-ci"}.
{path, ["_build/**/cover"]}