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Module edown_make

Function Index

from_script/1Reads ConfigFile and calls edoc:application/3
main/1Escript entry point for building edown (or edoc) documentation.

Function Details


from_script(Config::ConfigFile) -> ok | {error, Reason}

Reads ConfigFile and calls edoc:application/3

The ConfigFile will be read using file:script/1, and should return {App, Dir, Options}, as required by edoc:application/3.

This function does not manage dependencies. It is simply a wrapper around edoc:application/3.


main(Args::[Config]) -> no_return()

Escript entry point for building edown (or edoc) documentation

Usage: edown_make -config ConfigFile [-pa P] [-pz P]

Calls from_script(ConfigFile) and then terminates, with a normal or non-normal exit code, depending on the outcome.

Make sure $EDOWN/edown_make is runnable, and in the command path, and that the edown BEAM files are in the Erlang path (e.g. using $ERL_LIBS). The edown_make escript also accepts -pa P and/or -pz P flags as a means of locating the edown byte code.

Note, however, that the function edoc_make:main/1 only expects the config file as an input argument, corresponding to

escript edoc_make.beam ConfigFile

(The reason for this is that if the beam file can be passed directly to the escript command, setting the path should also be doable that way).