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+#Erlang Web
+[Erlang Web]( is an open source framework for applications based on HTTP protocol.
+It can be used to build dynamic websites and web services. Erlang Web is a
+full-stack framework that provides programmers with all the functionality
+needed to do the job. It makes it easy to build scalable and fault-tolerant
+websites. Erlang Web takes some inspiration from other web frameworks
+for dynamic languages such as [Ruby on Rails](
+or [Django](
+Some notable users of Erlang Web are:
+ * Next version of Erlang's official website (currently at [](
+ * [Try Erlang website](
+ * [Erlang Factory website](
+ * [*Erlang Programming* book's website](
+ * [Erlang Solutions website](
+ * [Erlang Web's own website](

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