lhttpc is a lightweight HTTP/1.1 client implemented in Erlang.
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This project is not supported anymore. It's still here just to support legacy projects that may have it as a dependency. It's operational (at least, for Erlang versions lower than R17) If you're looking for a HTTP client, we would recommend you to switch to shotgun or fusco


  • Erlang/OTP R13-B or newer
    • Application compiler to build, kernel, stdlib and ssl to run

Building: For versions > 1.2.5, lhttpc is built using rebar. Take a look at http://bitbucket.org/basho/rebar/wiki/Home for more information. There is still a Makefile with some of the old make targets, such as all, doc, test etc. for those who prefer that. The makefile will however just call rebar.

Configuration: (environment variables)

  • connection_timeout: The time (in milliseconds) the client will try to kepp a HTTP/1.1 connection open. Changing this value in runtime has no effect, this can however be done through lhttpc_manager:update_connection_timeout/1.