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Mangosta for Android

Mangosta for Android is an open source, open standard, XMPP/Jabber client.

It is designed to be a technology demonstration: it is not available on the Play Store, F-Droid or any other app store. You can install it as you wish.

Mangosta for Android is part of the MongooseIM platform.

It comes with features such as:

  • Group chats (MUC Light)
  • One-to-one chats
  • Microblogging
  • Block/unblock users
  • Contacts management (Roster)
  • Stickers (Bits of Binary)
  • Token-based reconnection
  • Instant stream resumption
  • Background service managing the XMPP connection and sending notifications (when the app is closed)

It includes unit tests and UI tests (using Espresso).

2 different implementations (same features in both):

  • master branch: only XMPP
  • branch: XMPP + some features using the MongooseIM REST API

Feel free to comment, we will be glad to hear from your uses. You can report issues and/or contribute.