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Fungus Scene Online Preview

Interactive 3D experience to better understand the morphology of a wide range of types of fungi.

Table of contents


You can Download the app directly from github, its about 120 MB.

You can also use the online version without the need to download anything.

Run the project locally

You will need to have NodeJS and NPM installed on your machine before running this project locally.

# 1) Clone the repo
git clone

# 2) cd to app directory and install dependencies
cd && yarn

# 3) After installing is finished you can open it locally as an electron app with this command
yarn start

# 3.1) You can also run the app in the browser assuming you have php installed on your machine, it will open on http://localhost:4000/
yarn serve

# 4) build .exe it will be in /dist folder
yarn build

# 5) if you want to modify any js file in /assets/js folder then you will have to recomplie the code running this command
yarn dev


The goal of this app is to help teachers and students all around the world to visually understand the morphological differences between different kinds of fungi.


Big thanks to all of these projects/libraries for helping us accelerate this project:


This project was built as a graduation project in Plant Protection Department, Agriculture College, Fayoum University, Egypt.


Blender Designers:

  • Nada.M
  • Fatma.G
  • Yasmine.M
  • Nada.I

Report an issue

Please if you find any scientific inaccuracies please email us at or open a new issue on this repo.


Fungus Scene is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0