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NN s fhassuf 1 NNS x
ed hassuf 2 VBN x
ing hassuf 3 VBG x
ly hassuf 2 RB x
ly addsuf 2 JJ x
- char JJ x
1 char CD x
NN ic fhassuf 2 JJ x
NN to fgoodright VB x
NNS ss fhassuf 2 NN x
NN ble fhassuf 3 JJ x
NN al fhassuf 2 JJ x
0 char CD x
VB the fgoodright NN x
NNS us fhassuf 2 JJ x
NN ive fhassuf 3 JJ x
he goodright VBD x
un deletepref 2 JJ x
2 char CD x
NN y fdeletesuf 1 JJ x
JJ of fgoodleft NN x
NN est fhassuf 3 JJS x
ts hassuf 2 NNS x
4 char CD x
NN less fhassuf 4 JJ x
NNS the fgoodleft VBZ x
NNS is fhassuf 2 NN x
VBD s fhassuf 1 VBZ x
men deletesuf 3 NNS x
ness addsuf 4 JJ x
ions hassuf 4 NNS x
NNP the fgoodleft IN x
JJ rs fhassuf 2 NNS x
ly hassuf 2 RB x
NN ary fhassuf 3 JJ x
1 addpref 1 CD x
NN his fgoodleft IN x
JJ ion fhassuf 3 NN x
years goodleft CD x
ment addsuf 4 VB x
NN had fgoodright VBN x
ful hassuf 3 JJ x
NN ize fhassuf 3 VB x
NN lar fhassuf 3 JJ x
CD h fhassuf 1 JJ x
CD a fchar JJ x
JJ B fchar NNP x
NN was fgoodright JJ x
VBN ked fhassuf 3 VBD x
JJ M fchar NNP x
ness hassuf 4 NN x
NN ate fhassuf 3 VB x
VB the fgoodright NN x
NN than fgoodleft JJR x
VBZ the fgoodright NNS x
NNP ans fhassuf 3 NNPS x
these goodleft IN x
VBN He fgoodright VBD x
NN 3 fchar CD x
'll goodleft PRP x
ing deletesuf 3 VBG x
NN a fdeletepref 1 RB x
JJ es fhassuf 2 NNS x
JJ D fchar NNP x
like deletesuf 4 JJ x
NN tory fhassuf 4 JJ x
JJ is fgoodleft NN x
VBD have fgoodleft MD x
NNS ates fhassuf 4 VBZ x
VBG is fgoodleft NN x
some hassuf 4 JJ x
JJS s faddsuf 1 NN x
MD was fgoodright RB x
NN id fhassuf 2 JJ x
own goodleft PRP$ x
JJ s fdeletesuf 1 NNS x
ity hassuf 3 NN x
NN ish fdeletesuf 3 JJ x
JJ nce fhassuf 3 NN x
fies hassuf 4 VBZ x
ors hassuf 3 NNS x
VBN ped fhassuf 3 VBD x
NNP ses fhassuf 3 NNPS x
NN ity faddsuf 3 JJ x
JJ W fchar NNP x
wise deletesuf 4 RB x
7 char CD x
izes hassuf 4 VBZ x
self deletesuf 4 PRP x
JJ G fchar NNP x
VBN owed fhassuf 4 VBD x
VB a fgoodright NN x
JJ H fchar NNP x
'll goodright VB x
JJ 's fgoodleft NN x
five hassuf 4 CD x
teen hassuf 4 CD x
NNS oses fhassuf 4 VBZ x
body addsuf 4 DT x
VBG of fgoodleft NN x
NNS es faddsuf 2 NN x
lent hassuf 4 JJ x
NNP ces fhassuf 3 NNS x
JJ sal fhassuf 3 NN x
JJ mble fhassuf 4 NN x
JJ I fchar NNP x
enth hassuf 4 JJ x
ify hassuf 3 VB x
VBN eed fhassuf 3 NN x
JJ er fhassuf 2 NN x
NN ward fdeletesuf 4 RB x
VBD are fgoodright VBN x
VBN kled fhassuf 4 VBD x
NNS en fdeletepref 2 VBZ x
gled hassuf 4 VBD x
JJ Y fchar NN x
JJ re- fdeletepref 3 NN x
JJ ery fhassuf 3 NN x
Br haspref 2 NNP x
CD p fchar JJ x
CD . fhassuf 1 JJ x
VBN Un fdeletepref 2 JJ x
NN ky fhassuf 2 JJ x
NN ern fdeletesuf 3 JJ x
NN tty fhassuf 3 JJ x
VBN scr fhaspref 3 VBD x
udes hassuf 4 VBZ x
VBZ the fgoodright NNS x
NNS which fgoodright VBZ x
NNPS l fchar NNS x
Some deletepref 4 RB x
body deletesuf 4 NN x
NN most fhassuf 4 JJ x
VBN en faddpref 2 VBD x