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// S0lRider Pebble App v1
// Daniel Casado de Luis
// May 2016
#include <pebble.h>
#define TUPLE_KEY 0
Window *window;
TextLayer *text_layer;
// declaring the dictation objects
static DictationSession *s_dictation_session;
static char s_last_text[40];
static TextLayer *s_output_layer;
// declaring background image stuff
static GBitmap *s_bitmap;
static BitmapLayer *s_bitmap_layer;
//Send command to android app
static void send(int key, char *value) {
DictionaryIterator *iter;
dict_write_cstring(iter, key, value);
// Handlers function for success on sending a command to android app
static void outbox_sent_handler(DictionaryIterator *iter, void *context) {
// Display command received
static char s_received_buff[50];
Tuple *t = dict_read_first(iter);
if(t) {
snprintf(s_received_buff, sizeof(s_received_buff), "Order received: %s", t->value->cstring);
text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, s_received_buff );
// Handler fucntion fail attempt when sending to android app
static void outbox_failed_handler(DictionaryIterator *iter, AppMessageResult reason, void *context) {
text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, "Sorry Michael, communication error!");
APP_LOG(APP_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR, "Fail reason: %d", (int)reason);
//callback function to handle dictation process
static void dictation_session_callback(DictationSession *session, DictationSessionStatus status,
char *msg, void *context) {
int check = -1;
if(status == DictationSessionStatusSuccess) {
// Display the dictated text
//snprintf(s_last_text, sizeof(s_last_text), "Alright boss moving %s", transcription);
//text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, s_last_text);
if(strcmp(msg, "Up") == 0) { check=1; }
if(strcmp(msg, "Down") == 0) { check=1; }
if(strcmp(msg, "Left") == 0) { check=1; }
if(strcmp(msg, "Right") == 0) { check=1; }
if (check == 1) {
send(TUPLE_KEY, msg);
} else {
text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, "Sorry Michael Knight: up, down, left or right?");
} else {
// Display the reason for any error
static char s_failed_buff[128];
snprintf(s_failed_buff, sizeof(s_failed_buff), "Speak louder Michael! ;)\nError ID:%d", (int)status);
text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, s_failed_buff);
//callback function/handler that gets called when the user presses the middle button
static void select_click_handler(ClickRecognizerRef recognizer, void *context) {
// Start voice dictation UI
//callback function/handler when user presses the down button on the right
static void down_click_handler(ClickRecognizerRef recognizer, void *context) {
// tell the car to stop (typically after sending a voice command)
//registration of buttons for dictation and for stopping car
static void click_config_provider(void *context) {
//register the select button to start recording
window_single_click_subscribe(BUTTON_ID_SELECT, select_click_handler);
//register the lower/down button to stop car
window_single_click_subscribe(BUTTON_ID_DOWN, down_click_handler);
//accelerometer stuff: tapping or wrist shake
static void accel_tap_handler(AccelAxisType axis, int32_t direction) {
//Eeaster egg :)
send(TUPLE_KEY, "lights");
//function that gets called when the windows is loaded per the init function declaration
static void window_load(Window *window) {
Layer *window_layer = window_get_root_layer(window);
GRect bounds = layer_get_bounds(window_layer);
// Add the image layer
s_bitmap_layer = bitmap_layer_create(GRect(0, 0, 144, 168));
bitmap_layer_set_compositing_mode(s_bitmap_layer, GCompOpSet);
bitmap_layer_set_bitmap(s_bitmap_layer, s_bitmap);
// add the image layer before the dictation
layer_add_child(window_layer, bitmap_layer_get_layer(s_bitmap_layer));
//centering the dictation layer
//s_output_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(bounds.origin.x, (bounds.size.h - 24) / 2, bounds.size.w, bounds.size.h));
s_output_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(bounds.origin.x, (bounds.size.h - 50), bounds.size.w, bounds.size.h));
text_layer_set_text(s_output_layer, "Press middle button for voice commands: up,down,left,right");
text_layer_set_text_alignment(s_output_layer, GTextAlignmentCenter);
//add title * S0L RIDER *
// Create the TextLayer, for display at (0, 0),
// and with a size of 144 x 40
text_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(23, 8, 144, 20));
// Set the text that the TextLayer will display
text_layer_set_text(text_layer, "*** s0lRider ***");
// Add as child layer to be included in rendering
layer_add_child(window_layer, text_layer_get_layer(text_layer));
// add the dictation text layer child
layer_add_child(window_layer, text_layer_get_layer(s_output_layer));
static void window_unload(Window *window) {
//added the title layer
//initialization function
void init(){
// Create the Window
window = window_create();
// image background initialization
s_bitmap = gbitmap_create_with_resource(RESOURCE_ID_SOLEBMP_IMAGE);
// Enabling registering actions for dictation (select button) and stop car (down button)
window_set_click_config_provider(window, click_config_provider);
window_set_window_handlers(window, (WindowHandlers) {
.load = window_load,
.unload = window_unload,
// Push to the stack, animated
window_stack_push(window, true);
// Create new dictation session
s_dictation_session = dictation_session_create(sizeof(s_last_text), dictation_session_callback, NULL);
// Disable the confirmation screen after speaking (annoying for our purposes)
dictation_session_enable_confirmation(s_dictation_session, false);
// Initialize messaging stuff
const int inbox_size = 128;
const int outbox_size = 128;
app_message_open(inbox_size, outbox_size);
// Accelerometer call back function registering
void deinit(){
// Destroy accelerator binding
// Destroy the TextLayer
// Destroy the image layer stuff
// Destroy dictation stuff
// Destroy the Window
int main() {
// Initialize the app
// Wait for app events
// Deinitialize the app
// App finished without error
return 0;