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Expand Up @@ -33,11 +33,12 @@ ESLint is a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns found in ECMAScript/J
4. [Filing Issues](#filing-issues)
5. [Frequently Asked Questions](#faq)
6. [Releases](#releases)
7. [Semantic Versioning Policy](#semantic-versioning-policy)
8. [License](#license)
9. [Team](#team)
10. [Sponsors](#sponsors)
11. [Technology Sponsors](#technology-sponsors)
7. [Security Policy](#security-policy)
8. [Semantic Versioning Policy](#semantic-versioning-policy)
9. [License](#license)
10. [Team](#team)
11. [Sponsors](#sponsors)
12. [Technology Sponsors](#technology-sponsors)

## <a name="installation-and-usage"></a>Installation and Usage

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -139,6 +140,10 @@ Join our [Mailing List]( or [Chatroom](ht

We have scheduled releases every two weeks on Friday or Saturday. You can follow a [release issue]( for updates about the scheduling of any particular release.

## <a name="security-policy"></a>Security Policy

ESLint takes security seriously. We work hard to ensure that ESLint is safe for everyone and that security issues are addressed quickly and responsibly. Read the full [security policy](

## <a name="semantic-versioning-policy"></a>Semantic Versioning Policy

ESLint follows [semantic versioning]( However, due to the nature of ESLint as a code quality tool, it's not always clear when a minor or major version bump occurs. To help clarify this for everyone, we've defined the following semantic versioning policy for ESLint:
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