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Docs: Fix a broken link in (#13875)
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AntonNiklasson committed Nov 24, 2020
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@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ Additionally, the `context` object has the following methods:
* `getScope()` - returns the [scope](./ of the currently-traversed node. This information can be used to track references to variables.
* `getSourceCode()` - returns a [`SourceCode`](#context-getsourcecode) object that you can use to work with the source that was passed to ESLint.
* `markVariableAsUsed(name)` - marks a variable with the given name in the current scope as used. This affects the [no-unused-vars](../rules/ rule. Returns `true` if a variable with the given name was found and marked as used, otherwise `false`.
* `report(descriptor)` - reports a problem in the code (see the [dedicated section](#context-report)).
* `report(descriptor)` - reports a problem in the code (see the [dedicated section](#contextreport)).

**Note:** Earlier versions of ESLint supported additional methods on the `context` object. Those methods were removed in the new format and should not be relied upon.

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