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Docs: Documentation fix

The rule is not environment-specific
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mjomble committed Dec 25, 2015
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ The following rules point out areas where you might have made mistakes.

* [comma-dangle]( - disallow or enforce trailing commas (recommended)
* [no-cond-assign]( - disallow assignment in conditional expressions (recommended)
* [no-console]( - disallow use of `console` in the node environment (recommended)
* [no-console]( - disallow use of `console` (recommended)
* [no-constant-condition]( - disallow use of constant expressions in conditions (recommended)
* [no-control-regex]( - disallow control characters in regular expressions (recommended)
* [no-debugger]( - disallow use of `debugger` (recommended)

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