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docs: Improve id-denylist documentation (#16223)
* docs: Improve id-denylist documentation

* docs: add configuring rules link to id-denylist

* docs: review changes
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frankie303 committed Aug 30, 2022
1 parent dcf178e commit 279f0afc14617c037da482919942beef87f56e45
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@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ For example, to restrict the use of common generic identifiers:

**Note:** The first element of the array is for the rule severity (see [configuring rules](/docs/latest/user-guide/configuring/rules). The other elements in the array are the identifiers that you want to disallow.

Examples of **incorrect** code for this rule with sample `"data", "callback"` restricted identifiers:

::: incorrect

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