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Build: Don't create blogpost links from rule names within other words (


This caused an issue in the latest blogpost (see [here]( The word "restricted" in a commit message caused a link to be created to the [`strict`]( rule documentation.

This commit fixes the issue by requiring a word boundary to be present around the rule name for a URL to be inserted.
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1 parent 639b798 commit 5344751cabb243c27de7a1a49669a051070daf16 @not-an-aardvark not-an-aardvark committed with btmills Dec 14, 2016
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ tags:
We just pushed ESLint v<%- version %>, which is a <%- type %> release upgrade of ESLint. This release <% if (type !== "patch") { %>adds some new features and<% } %> fixes several bugs found in the previous release. <% if (type === "major") { %>This release also has some breaking changes, so please read the following closely. <% } %>
-const RULE_REGEX = new RegExp(`\`?(${ruleList.join("|")})\`?`, "g");
+const RULE_REGEX = new RegExp(`\`?\\b(${ruleList.join("|")})\\b\`?`, "g");
function linkify(line) {
return line

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