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Please see `.gitignore`'s specification for further examples of valid syntax.

In addition to any patterns in a `.eslintignore` file, ESLint ignores files in `/**/node_modules/*` by default. It can still be added using `!`.
In addition to any patterns in the `.eslintignore` file, ESLint always follows a couple implicit ignore rules even if the `--no-ignore` flag is passed. The implicit rules are as follows:

For example, placing the following `.eslintignore` file in the current working directory will not ignore `node_modules/*` and ignore anything in the `build/` directory except `build/index.js`:
* `node_modules/` is ignored.
* Dotfiles (except for `.eslintrc.*`) as well as Dotfolders and their contents are ignored.

# node_modules/* is ignored by default, but can be added using !
There are also some exceptions to these rules:

# Ignore built files except build/index.js
* If the path to lint is a glob pattern or directory path and contains a Dotfolder, all Dotfiles and Dotfolders will be linted. This includes sub-dotfiles and sub-dotfolders that are buried deeper in the directory structure.

For example, `eslint .config/` will lint all Dotfolders and Dotfiles in the `.config` directory, including immediate children as well as children that are deeper in the directory structure.

* If the path to lint is a specific file path and the `--no-ignore` flag has been passed, ESLint will lint the file regardless of the implicit ignore rules.

For example, `eslint .config/my-config-file.js --no-ignore` will cause `my-config-file.js` to be linted. It should be noted that the same command without the `--no-ignore` line will not lint the `my-config-file.js` file.

* Allowlist and denylist rules specified via `--ignore-pattern` or `.eslintignore` are prioritized above implicit ignore rules.

For example, in this scenario, `.build/test.js` is the desired file to allowlist. Because all Dotfolders and their children are ignored by default, `.build` must first be allowlisted so that eslint because aware of its children. Then, `.build/test.js` must be explicitly allowlisted, while the rest of the content is denylisted. This is done with the following `.eslintignore` file:

# Allowlist 'test.js' in the '.build' folder
# But do not allow anything else in the '.build' folder to be linted

The following `--ignore-pattern` is also equivalent:

eslint --ignore-pattern '!.build' --ignore-pattern '.build/*' --ignore-pattern '!.build/test.js' parent-folder/

### Using an Alternate File

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -1127,13 +1145,28 @@ You'll see this warning:

0:0 warning File ignored because of your .eslintignore file. Use --no-ignore to override.
0:0 warning File ignored because of a matching ignore pattern. Use "--no-ignore" to override.
✖ 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)

This message occurs because ESLint is unsure if you wanted to actually lint the file or not. As the message indicates, you can use `--no-ignore` to omit using the ignore rules.

Consider another scenario where you may want to run ESLint on a specific Dotfile or Dotfolder, but have forgotten to specifically allow those files in your `.eslintignore` file. You would run something like this:

eslint .config/foo.js

You would see this warning:

0:0 warning File ignored by default. Use a negated ignore pattern (like "--ignore-pattern '!<relative/path/to/filename>'") to override
✖ 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)

This messages occurs because, normally, this file would be ignored by ESLint's implicit ignore rules (as mentioned above). A negated ignore rule in your `.eslintignore` file would override the implicit rule and reinclude this file for linting. Additionally, in this specific case, `--no-ignore` could be used to lint the file as well.

## Personal Configuration File (deprecated)

⚠️ **This feature has been deprecated**. This feature will be removed in the 8.0.0 release. If you want to continue to use personal configuration files, please use the [`--config` CLI option]( For more information regarding this decision, please see [RFC 28]( and [RFC 32](
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