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Docs: no use eslint.linter in code example (#12037)
`eslint.linter` exists for backwards compatibility, but we do not recommend using it because any mutations to it are shared among every module that uses `eslint`. Instead, please create your own instance of `eslint.Linter`.
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aladdin-add committed Jul 31, 2019
1 parent 5831767 commit 8a5b62d
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
3 changes: 2 additions & 1 deletion docs/developer-guide/
Expand Up @@ -586,8 +586,9 @@ Once you have the configuration information, you can pass it into the `linter` o

const CLIEngine = require("eslint").CLIEngine,
linter = require("eslint").linter;
Linter = require("eslint").Linter;
const linter = new Linter();
const cli = new CLIEngine({
envs: ["browser", "mocha"],
useEslintrc: false,
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