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Docs: Add new ES environments to Configuring ESLint (#12289)

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mdjermanovic authored and platinumazure committed Sep 29, 2019
1 parent c9aeab2 commit 9b86167e6f053e4a72bf68ebc79db53903f7f8c3
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@@ -138,6 +138,8 @@ An environment defines global variables that are predefined. The available envir
* `commonjs` - CommonJS global variables and CommonJS scoping (use this for browser-only code that uses Browserify/WebPack).
* `shared-node-browser` - Globals common to both Node.js and Browser.
* `es6` - enable all ECMAScript 6 features except for modules (this automatically sets the `ecmaVersion` parser option to 6).
* `es2017` - adds all ECMAScript 2017 globals and automatically sets the `ecmaVersion` parser option to 8.
* `es2020` - adds all ECMAScript 2020 globals and automatically sets the `ecmaVersion` parser option to 11.
* `worker` - web workers global variables.
* `amd` - defines `require()` and `define()` as global variables as per the [amd]( spec.
* `mocha` - adds all of the Mocha testing global variables.

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