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Docs: remove duplicate code path analysis document (#15033)
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mdjermanovic committed Sep 8, 2021
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@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ This has references of both the initial segment and the final segments of a code
`CodePath` has the following properties:

* `id` (`string`) - A unique string. Respective rules can use `id` to save additional information for each code path.
* `origin` (`string`) - The reason that the code path was started. May be `"program"`, `"function"`, or `"class-field-initializer"`.
* `initialSegment` (`CodePathSegment`) - The initial segment of this code path.
* `finalSegments` (`CodePathSegment[]`) - The final segments which includes both returned and thrown.
* `returnedSegments` (`CodePathSegment[]`) - The final segments which includes only returned.

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