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Docs: Mention workaround for escaping the slash character in selectors (

* Docs: Mention workaround for the regex escape character

* Update docs/developer-guide/

Co-authored-by: Milos Djermanovic <>

Co-authored-by: Nicholas C. Zakas <>
Co-authored-by: Milos Djermanovic <>
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ The following selectors are supported:
* wildcard (matches all nodes): `*`
* attribute existence: `[attr]`
* attribute value: `[attr="foo"]` or `[attr=123]`
* attribute regex: `[attr=/foo.*/]`
* attribute regex: `[attr=/foo.*/]` <sub>(with some [known issues](#known-issues))</sub>
* attribute conditions: `[attr!="foo"]`, `[attr>2]`, `[attr<3]`, `[attr>=2]`, or `[attr<=3]`
* nested attribute: `[attr.level2="foo"]`
* field: `FunctionDeclaration >`
@@ -131,3 +131,7 @@ Or you can enforce that calls to `setTimeout` always have two arguments:

Using selectors in the `no-restricted-syntax` rule can give you a lot of control over problematic patterns in your codebase, without needing to write custom rules to detect each pattern.

### Known issues

Due to a [bug]( in [esquery](, regular expressions that contain a forward-slash character `/` aren't properly parsed, so `[value=/some\/path/]` will be a syntax error. As a [workaround](, you can replace the `/` character with its unicode counterpart, like so: `[value=/some\\u002Fpath/]`.

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