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no-cond-assign crashes in some cases #11611

not-an-aardvark opened this issue Apr 13, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Apr 13, 2019

This issue was detected by the fuzzer on this CI run.

Tell us about your environment

  • ESLint Version: master
  • Node Version: 10.15.3
  • npm Version: 6.4.1

What parser (default, Babel-ESLint, etc.) are you using?


Please show your full configuration:


See the configuration from this CI build:

What did you do? Please include the actual source code causing the issue, as well as the command that you used to run ESLint.

See the code from this CI build:

What did you expect to happen?

I expected the no-cond-assign rule to not crash.

What actually happened? Please include the actual, raw output from ESLint.

The rule crashed. The output from the fuzzer is reproduced below:

Fuzzer output
The fuzzer reported 1 error with a total of 1 unique stack trace.
More details can be found below.
    "results": [
            "type": "crash",
            "text": "(((3496.29)).bkufyydt = 2e308) ? // y\r\ntwvpkh =>\n\r\n\r\n {\n  \"e¿h\"\n  \"use strict\"\r\n  \"\"\n \"Ø}ì³\"\r/*b*/\n/*xp\r\n \r\r\n u*/  for (({})[eval[null]]\r\rin false`ªÙ${arguments}${(2e308)}v`) switch (((y)) ? ((i)) : ((true)))\r\n/*cs h\f */\t{\n  /*cttscc bnyl   ai z *///e\r  default:\n    case true:\n    case h:\n\n     case \"\":\n    case \"c¹&4\":\n    case // g cn  fce pd c p\r/((?:))/uy:\n  }\n\r\rswitch (new (((.6)).l /= (/(?:z)/gmuy))(...arguments, ...\"=è\u0006\", ...(((null))), 2e308 ? /\\xe1\\uDcEc\\O|(?:)|(?!())?|\\x37^\\b'^|[\\x2a\\$-$-]/gim : (null))) {\n    case (this) ?// \r ((5988.33)) : 0x78A3BF43ACDF6:\n      try {} finally /* plqaa*/{}\n/**/      let g\r\n       debugger\r\n      switch (((arguments))) {\n    /*c*/    default:\n      }\n  \r\rcase new \"féú1\u001c\":// hip\r\n\n/* b ev  m \r\nygg \u000bso  */ /* ecaq\n ryt\flcx\f */     class s /*s\n\r a  z*/{}\n    /*  d  q*/  // qqf hvta\tp \reval: for (const y of\n\n2e308) ;\n  /*s\rr*//*  \f u  xok  cq  */  case (x, q, w, k) /*\fiic   \ffrtb*/=> {\n // up  y n\u000bj hd\fz   \r   \f \"(�,¬\"\n    \r\r \"¯�¦Â�\"\n      \"use strict\";\n      \"ç\";\n\n\n \r\n\r\n    \"\u0003jÞìm\";\n    }:\n     for (;;) ;\n\r\n\r\n   //e l y i\fz bzj \n //r   \r\nfor (;;) return\n    case class /*\fxi\tcp g\rvah *//*\ftd  p*//* sn\r\njx f   os*/{}:\n      {}\n      switch (/[\\uCD47$-\\M+-Q\\uAeFF+-]/gim) {}\n      while (this) // ub   l   lp\tux\r\n//e\r//q x     rkfi s   \nreturn\n      eval: debugger\r      let j\n//vyyeb n huea  \f \tu\r\n    default:\n//je\fqbu q z e\r\n/*\rfg  *//*\njlxu k lqe   \fmlf  */      try {} /*prm\tkqam*/finally {}\n//\n      for (;;) break\r\r\n\r\n//rd s e    rs fp\r\n\r\n\n/*jq gu c \fmd\f  \r  s */  //\r/*d*/  try {} catch (i) {}\n/*pnl z  qdhiu  \f a \t*/  // \f sfo \r\n \r\u000b/*ly zpv  mlbud*/  switch (\"\")//\u000bd\f x    gtb  fpo  \n {}\n      return;\n  // tr  j jj x  v m\n  case \"Ø\":\n    /*j \tk vagf \r  r \r \r\n */  return;// sn   \tgtkm\n\n//ma  l\r\n //   oj  pc\f\n // q\fo\n    {}\n//yhr h  \u000bg\u000b k\r  /* \r d x */    ;\n    case eval.if/*l */ /*   c \t  j p*/++:\n  /*b \u000bp     \r\nl \r\nhkin  */    ;\n\r\n\r\n    try {} finally {}\n   //zr \r\n /*f\r\ny  zimia h y\u000bfl*///\t\t   qs\u000bldi nv \r\n//m ytst \t   \t  \r\n//iucy a\tyxe ii \r\n  throw (this)\r      var t\n/*eue\f s b\u000b sn  */\n//  g qfclo\tf\n/*oq\f\f\te zvj\u000blrqccavik*/      ;/[-]/mu\n    case//imud \t \f \t ntd  n\r ((/(?=)/iy)):\n      /*  n f*/while (this) continue\n      throw 9284.98\n/*\n   \r\n \tb eq fk*///g  uuvec\r\n  case function*  v() {\n/*qo\n c \r  \u000b  kc */\r\n\r\n     \"7\";\n    }:\n  \r\n\ncase (null):\n      return;\n  }\n  while (delete ((([])))) try {} catch (j) {}\n /*nt yr   \tnzj\n*/ {\n    switch (false) {}\n\f\t\r\n\r\n}\n} : ({ncwpqk})\r\n\r\n\n function* package(let, eval, ...implements)\t\n\r\r{\n  \"\u000e�5é\";\n  \"x\u0013-Ù\"\r\n  \"üøÀcÓ\"\r\n  \"±uÝ\"\r\n  // fe    \r/*i rpqb b\fe*/\"\";\n  debugger\r\n //j  qeio d\n let {private, s} = (true), {public} /* k eg    l\n*/= (yield)[(\"Z;\")] --\n  debugger;\n}/*\r\nuhz yj\fc b ftfpxncr*/\n//nebtzaszle vjj\r\n",
            "config": {
                "rules": {
                    "no-cond-assign": [
                "parserOptions": {
                    "sourceType": "script",
                    "ecmaVersion": 2018
            "error": "TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null\nOccurred while linting <input>:1\n    at Object.isOpeningParenToken (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/ast-utils.js:309:18)\n    at isParenthesisedTwice (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/rules/no-cond-assign.js:89:26)\n    at testForAssign (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/rules/no-cond-assign.js:103:24)\n    at listeners.(anonymous function).forEach.listener (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/safe-emitter.js:45:58)\n    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)\n    at Object.emit (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/safe-emitter.js:45:38)\n    at NodeEventGenerator.applySelector (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/node-event-generator.js:251:26)\n    at NodeEventGenerator.applySelectors (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/node-event-generator.js:280:22)\n    at NodeEventGenerator.enterNode (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/util/node-event-generator.js:294:14)\n    at CodePathAnalyzer.enterNode (/home/travis/build/eslint/eslint/lib/code-path-analysis/code-path-analyzer.js:632:23)"

Are you willing to submit a pull request to fix this bug?

Yes, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to look into it.


This comment has been minimized.

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commented Apr 15, 2019


(((3496.29)).bkufyydt = 2e308) ? foo : bar
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