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ci: bump actions/stale from 6 to 7 #16713

merged 1 commit into from Dec 26, 2022


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@dependabot dependabot bot commented on behalf of github Dec 26, 2022

Bumps actions/stale from 6 to 7.

Release notes

Sourced from actions/stale's releases.


⚠️ This version contains breaking changes ⚠️

What's Changed

Breaking Changes

  • In this release we prevent this action from managing the stale label on items included in exempt-issue-labels and exempt-pr-labels
  • We decided that this is outside of the scope of this action, and to be left up to the maintainer

New Contributors

Full Changelog: actions/stale@v6...v7.0.0


Update @​actions/core to 1.10.0 #839

Full Changelog: actions/stale@v6.0.0...v6.0.1


Sourced from actions/stale's changelog.



⚠️ Breaking change ⚠️


Update @​actions/core to v1.10.0 (#839)


⚠️ Breaking change ⚠️

Issues/PRs default close-issue-reason is now not_planned(#789)


Don't process stale issues right after they're marked stale [Add close-issue-reason option]#764#772 Various dependabot/dependency updates

4.1.0 (2021-07-14)


4.0.0 (2021-07-14)


Bug Fixes

  • dry-run: forbid mutations in dry-run (#500) (f1017f3), closes #499
  • logs: coloured logs (#465) (5fbbfba)
  • operations: fail fast the current batch to respect the operations limit (#474) (5f6f311), closes #466
  • label comparison: make label comparison case insensitive #517, closes #516
  • filtering comments by actor could have strange behavior: "stale" comments are now detected based on if the message is the stale message not who made the comment(#519), fixes #441, #509, #518

Breaking Changes

... (truncated)

  • 6f05e42 draft release for v7.0.0 (#888)
  • eed91cb Update how stale handles exempt items (#874)
  • 10dc265 Merge pull request #880 from akv-platform/update-stale-repo
  • 9c1eb3f Update .md files and allign build-test.yml with the current test.yml
  • bc357bd Update .github/workflows/release-new-action-version.yml
  • 690ede5 Update .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
  • afbcabf Merge branch 'main' into update-stale-repo
  • e364411 Update name of codeql.yml file
  • 627cef3 fix print outputs step (#859)
  • 975308f Merge pull request #876 from jongwooo/chore/use-cache-in-check-dist
  • Additional commits viewable in compare view

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Bumps [actions/stale]( from 6 to 7.
- [Release notes](
- [Changelog](
- [Commits](actions/stale@v6...v7)

- dependency-name: actions/stale
  dependency-type: direct:production
  update-type: version-update:semver-major

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
@dependabot dependabot bot requested a review from a team as a code owner December 26, 2022 21:04
@dependabot dependabot bot added the dependencies Pull requests that update a dependency file label Dec 26, 2022
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netlify bot commented Dec 26, 2022

Deploy Preview for docs-eslint canceled.

Name Link
🔨 Latest commit 85186e1
🔍 Latest deploy log

@eslint-github-bot eslint-github-bot bot added the build This change relates to ESLint's build process label Dec 26, 2022
@nzakas nzakas merged commit 4cd87cb into main Dec 26, 2022
20 checks passed
@nzakas nzakas deleted the dependabot/github_actions/actions/stale-7 branch December 26, 2022 21:09
crapStone pushed a commit to Calciumdibromid/CaBr2 that referenced this pull request Jan 3, 2023
This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Type | Update | Change |
| [eslint]( ([source]( | devDependencies | minor | [`8.30.0` -> `8.31.0`]( |


### Release Notes


### [`v8.31.0`](

[Compare Source](eslint/eslint@v8.30.0...v8.31.0)

#### Features

-   [`52c7c73`](eslint/eslint@52c7c73) feat: check assignment patterns in no-underscore-dangle ([#&#8203;16693](eslint/eslint#16693)) (Milos Djermanovic)
-   [`b401cde`](eslint/eslint@b401cde) feat: add options to check destructuring in no-underscore-dangle ([#&#8203;16006](eslint/eslint#16006)) (Morten Kaltoft)
-   [`30d0daf`](eslint/eslint@30d0daf) feat: group properties with values in parentheses in `key-spacing` ([#&#8203;16677](eslint/eslint#16677)) (Francesco Trotta)

#### Bug Fixes

-   [`35439f1`](eslint/eslint@35439f1) fix: correct syntax error in `prefer-arrow-callback` autofix ([#&#8203;16722](eslint/eslint#16722)) (Francesco Trotta)
-   [`87b2470`](eslint/eslint@87b2470) fix: new instance of FlatESLint should load latest config file version ([#&#8203;16608](eslint/eslint#16608)) (Milos Djermanovic)

#### Documentation

-   [`4339dc4`](eslint/eslint@4339dc4) docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
-   [`4e4049c`](eslint/eslint@4e4049c) docs: optimize code block structure ([#&#8203;16669](eslint/eslint#16669)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`54a7ade`](eslint/eslint@54a7ade) docs: do not escape code blocks of formatters examples ([#&#8203;16719](eslint/eslint#16719)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`e5ecfef`](eslint/eslint@e5ecfef) docs: Add function call example for no-undefined ([#&#8203;16712](eslint/eslint#16712)) (Elliot Huffman)
-   [`a3262f0`](eslint/eslint@a3262f0) docs: Add mastodon link ([#&#8203;16638](eslint/eslint#16638)) (Amaresh  S M)
-   [`a14ccf9`](eslint/eslint@a14ccf9) docs: clarify files property ([#&#8203;16709](eslint/eslint#16709)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`3b29eb1`](eslint/eslint@3b29eb1) docs: fix npm link ([#&#8203;16710](eslint/eslint#16710)) (Abdullah Osama)
-   [`a638673`](eslint/eslint@a638673) docs: fix search bar focus on `Esc` ([#&#8203;16700](eslint/eslint#16700)) (Shanmughapriyan S)
-   [`f62b722`](eslint/eslint@f62b722) docs: country flag missing in windows ([#&#8203;16698](eslint/eslint#16698)) (Shanmughapriyan S)
-   [`4d27ec6`](eslint/eslint@4d27ec6) docs: display zh-hans in the docs language switcher ([#&#8203;16686](eslint/eslint#16686)) (Percy Ma)
-   [`8bda20e`](eslint/eslint@8bda20e) docs: remove manually maintained anchors ([#&#8203;16685](eslint/eslint#16685)) (Percy Ma)
-   [`b68440f`](eslint/eslint@b68440f) docs: User Guide Getting Started expansion ([#&#8203;16596](eslint/eslint#16596)) (Ben Perlmutter)

#### Chores

-   [`65d4e24`](eslint/eslint@65d4e24) chore: Upgrade [@&#8203;eslint/eslintrc]([@&#8203;1]( ([#&#8203;16729](eslint/eslint#16729)) (Brandon Mills)
-   [`8d93081`](eslint/eslint@8d93081) chore: fix CI failure ([#&#8203;16721](eslint/eslint#16721)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`8f17247`](eslint/eslint@8f17247) chore: Set up automatic updating of README ([#&#8203;16717](eslint/eslint#16717)) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
-   [`4cd87cb`](eslint/eslint@4cd87cb) ci: bump actions/stale from 6 to 7 ([#&#8203;16713](eslint/eslint#16713)) (dependabot\[bot])
-   [`fd20c75`](eslint/eslint@fd20c75) chore: sort package.json scripts in alphabetical order ([#&#8203;16705](eslint/eslint#16705)) (Darius Dzien)
-   [`10a5c78`](eslint/eslint@10a5c78) chore: update ignore patterns in `eslint.config.js` ([#&#8203;16678](eslint/eslint#16678)) (Milos Djermanovic)



### Configuration

📅 **Schedule**: Branch creation - At any time (no schedule defined), Automerge - At any time (no schedule defined).

🚦 **Automerge**: Disabled by config. Please merge this manually once you are satisfied.

 **Rebasing**: Whenever PR becomes conflicted, or you tick the rebase/retry checkbox.

🔕 **Ignore**: Close this PR and you won't be reminded about this update again.


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This PR has been generated by [Renovate Bot](

Co-authored-by: cabr2-bot <>
Reviewed-by: Epsilon_02 <>
Co-authored-by: Calciumdibromid Bot <>
Co-committed-by: Calciumdibromid Bot <>
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