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@eslintbot eslintbot released this 28 Jan 23:26
· 622 commits to main since this release


  • 2cc7954 feat: add restrictDefaultExports option to no-restricted-exports rule (#16785) (Nitin Kumar)


  • 17f4be2 docs: Fix examples in no-multiple-empty-lines rule (#16835) (jonz94)
  • 9c7cfe3 docs: 'Source Code' content in 'Set up Development Environment' page (#16780) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • ede5c64 docs: Custom processors page (#16802) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • 2620614 docs: Code of Conduct page (#16781) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • 50a8efd docs: report a sec vulnerability page (#16808) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • ed60afd docs: Update page titles, section landing pages, and side TOC (#16760) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • 333c712 docs: add background to code-path-diagrams for dark-mode (#16822) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • f5f7b9b docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 2aa4f5f docs: no-constant-condition: Add multi-comparison example (#16776) (Sebastian Simon)
  • 40287db docs: Remove Google Group icon (#16779) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • ea10ca5 docs: 'a .eslint' -> 'an .eslint' for consistency (#16809) (Ben Perlmutter)
  • 3be0748 docs: add example for nodejs lintText api (#16789) (Siva K)
  • ce4f5ff docs: Replace removed related rules with a valid rule (#16800) (Ville Saalo)