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@eslintbot eslintbot released this Sep 29, 2019 · 306 commits to master since this release

  • 73596cb Update: Add enforceForSwitchCase option to use-isnan (#12106) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d592a24 Fix: exclude \u000d so new line won't convert to text (fixes #12027) (#12031) (zamboney)
  • e85d27a Fix: no-regex-spaces false positives and invalid autofix (fixes #12226) (#12231) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • b349bf7 Fix: prefer-named-capture-group incorrect locations (fixes #12233) (#12247) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 7dc1ea9 Fix: no-useless-return autofix removes comments (#12292) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 0e68677 Fix: no-extra-bind autofix removes comments (#12293) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 6ad7e86 Fix: no-extra-label autofix removes comments (#12298) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • acec201 Fix: no-undef-init autofix removes comments (#12299) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d89390b Fix: use async reading of stdin in bin/eslint.js (fixes #12212) (#12230) (Barrie Treloar)
  • 334ca7c Update: no-useless-rename also reports default values (fixes #12301) (#12322) (Kai Cataldo)
  • 41bfe91 Update: Fix handling of chained new expressions in new-parens (#12303) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 160b7c4 Chore: add autofix npm script (#12330) (Kai Cataldo)
  • 04b6adb Chore: enable eslint-plugin-jsdoc (refs #11146) (#12332) (Kai Cataldo)
  • 9b86167 Docs: Add new ES environments to Configuring ESLint (#12289) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • c9aeab2 Docs: Add supported ECMAScript version to README (#12290) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 8316e7b Fix: no-useless-rename autofix removes comments (#12300) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 29c12f1 Chore: cache results in runtime-info (#12320) (Kai Cataldo)
  • f5537b2 Fix: prefer-numeric-literals autofix removes comments (#12313) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 11ae6fc Update: Fix call, new and member expressions in no-extra-parens (#12302) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • a7894eb New: add --env-info flag to CLI (#12270) (Kai Cataldo)
  • 61392ff Sponsors: Sync README with website (ESLint Jenkins)
  • 2c6bf8e Docs: English fix (#12306) (Daniel Nixon)
  • 6f11877 Sponsors: Sync README with website (ESLint Jenkins)
  • 2e202ca Docs: fix links in array-callback-return (#12288) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • e39c631 Docs: add example for CLIEngine#executeOnText 3rd arg (#12286) (Kai Cataldo)
  • d4f9a16 Update: add support for JSXFragments in indent rule (fixes #12208) (#12210) (Kai Cataldo)
  • c6af95f Sponsors: Sync README with website (ESLint Jenkins)
  • 8cadd52 Sponsors: Sync README with website (ESLint Jenkins)
  • f9fc695 Chore: enable default-param-last (#12244) (薛定谔的猫)
  • 9984c3e Docs: Update README team and sponsors (ESLint Jenkins)
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