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The ESLint generator for Yeoman. This generator is intended to aid development within the ESLint project. It is designed to work within the top-level eslint directory.


First and foremost, you must have Node.js and npm installed. If you don't have Node.js installed, please download and install the latest version.

You must also install Yeoman, if you don't have it installed already. To install Yeoman, you can run this command:

npm i -g yo

With Node.js and Yeoman installed, you can run this command:

npm i -g generator-eslint


The Yeoman generator currently supports the following commands:


If you want to create a new ESLint plugin, make sure you're in the top-level directory where you want the plugin to be created and type:

$ yo eslint:plugin

You'll be prompted for information about your plugin and it will generate a package.json file, README, and source code for a stub plugin.


If you want to create a new ESLint rule, make sure you're in the top-level directory of an ESLint repo clone or an ESLint plugin and type:

$ yo eslint:rule

You'll be prompted for some information and then it will generate the files necessary for a new rule, including the source file, a test file, and a documentation file.

License and Copyright

Copyright jQuery Foundation and other contributors,

MIT License

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