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  • Start Date: 2019-07-20
  • RFC PR: #33
  • Authors: Toru Nagashima (@mysticatea)

Description in directive comments


This RFC adds the description support into directive comments such as /*eslint-disable*/. For example, /* eslint-disable no-new -- this class has a side-effect in the constructor and it's a library's. */.


Directive comments make exceptions for static analysis. The explanation of why you made the exception here helps to maintain the code. However, ESLint doesn't have a comfortable way to write such an explanation.

Detailed Design

ESLint ignores the part preceded by \s-{2,}\s in directive comments.

/* eslint eqeqeq: off -- this part is ignored. */
/* eslint-disable -- this part is ignored. */
/* eslint-enable -- this part is ignored. */
// eslint-disable-line -- this part is ignored.
// eslint-disable-next-line -- this part is ignored.
/* global foo -- this part is ignored. */
/* globals foo, bar -- this part is ignored. */
/* exported foo, bar -- this part is ignored. */

"Longer is OK."
// eslint-disable-line -------- this part is ignored.

/* eslint-disable
    this part is ignored.
    this part is ignored. */

"Not affect to '--' which is not surrounded by spaces."
/* eslint spaced-comment: [error, { exceptions: ["--"] }] */


// Use only the part before the first `--`.
const [value] = comment.value.split(/\s-{2,}\s/u)



If a complex directive comment has \s-{2,}\s in the body, this feature breaks it.

Backwards Compatibility Analysis

This is a breaking change technically, but I believe the effect is very limited.


  • Another comment around directive comments.
    /* explanation */
    /* eslint-disable */
    In some cases, it's challenging to write another comment near directive comments. For example, there is //eslint-disable-line comment on a long line.

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