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  • Start Date: 2019-11-28
  • RFC PR: #51
  • Authors: Toru Nagashima (@mysticatea)

Update Default Ignore Patterns


This proposal changes the default ignore patterns to include node_modules in subdirectories and to exclude .eslintrc.js.


  • In monorepo style development, there are node_moduless in subdirectories. But the current default ignore patterns don't include it, so we have to configure ESLint with node_modules to ignore it.
  • Because ESLint ignores dotfiles, it doesn't lint .eslintrc.js by default. We have to configure ESLint with !.eslintrc.js to lint it.

Detailed Design

This proposal changes the default ignore patterns:

  • (as-is) .*
  • (new) !.eslintrc.js
  • (change) /node_modules/*/**/node_modules/*
  • (remove) /bower_components/*

Therefore, ESLint ignores node_modules in subdirectories, and no longer ignores .eslintrc.js and bower_components.

How about the config files of other tools?

For example, Babel has .babelrc.js and VuePress has .vuepress/config.js. ESLint ignores such files as dotfiles by default.

This proposal doesn't change this behavior because we don't want to have allowlist/denylist for all tools in the world. Instead, we can have unignoring patterns in the ignorePatterns property of shareable configs for your tools.


  • It needs an entry in the migration guide for 7.0.0 (or another major release) because of breaking changes.
  • It needs to update the ".eslintignore" section to explain the new default ignore patterns.


This proposal doesn't increase maintenance cost because it just updates a pattern list.

If somebody wants to lint node_modules in subdirectories, they have to configure ESLint to unignore those. But I guess that it's rarer than wanting to ignore node_modules in subdirectories.

Backwards Compatibility Analysis

This is a breaking change.

  • ESLint may report more warnings on .eslintrc.js.
  • ESLint may report more warnings in bower_components.
  • ESLint may stop with fatal errors (all files are ignored) in the node_modules of subdirectories.


We can use the ignorePatterns of shareable configs to configure and reuse this kind of matter.

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