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Archipelago Commons Docker Deployment Repository
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Branch: 8.x-1.0-beta1
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Archipelago Docker Deployment

Updated: July 30th 2019

This repository serves as bootstrap for a Archipelago 8.x-1.0-beta1 deployment via Docker using:

  • (latest) S3 alternative
  • Apache Solr 7.5
  • Mysql 5.7
  • Ngnix 11
  • Custom PHP FPM 7.3 tunned for Drupal 8
  • Cantaloupe as IIIF Server with Video Frame extraction and PDF support
  • A Skeleton Project setup to run latest Version of Drupal (8.7.5) and strawberryfield modules & friends on 8.x-1.0-beta1

The skeleton project contains all the pieces needed to run a local deployment of a basic Archipelago except (for now) content, which we know you will happily provide while testing!

Starting from CERO

This is the recommended, simplest way for this release. There are a lot of exciting new features and improvements!


Step by Step deployment on OSX

Ubuntu 18.04:

Step by Step deployment on Ubuntu


This is our first beta release and even when we have a Longer Path to travel until we feel we are ready for a full 8.x-1.0, we are pretty excited about how far we have gotten in less than a year, our initial architecture has proven itself flexible to be extended, fun to use and code and solid to build on. If you like this, let us know too!

Caring & Coding + Fixing


This software is a Metropolitan New York Library Council Open-Source initiative and part of the Archipelago Commons project.



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