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Webform Strawberry Field

A module that provides Drupal 8/9 Webform ( == awesome piece of code) integrations for StrawberryField so you can really have control over your Metadata ingests. This is part of the Archipelago Commons Project.


This module provides many LoD Autocomplete suggester Webform Elements, but only The Europeana Entity Suggester for now requires you to provide an APIKEY. To be able to use the Europeana Suggester edit your Drupal settings.php file (located normally in web/sites/default/settings.php) and add the following line:

$settings['webform_strawberryfield.europeana_entity_apikey'] = 'thekey';

Save and clear caches.

In its current state the Europeana Entity API (Alpha 0.10.3) as of December 2021 uses a static APIKEY (not the same as other APIs) and can be requested at

If using this is not needed and a stub one be provided by the deployment. Please read the Terms of Use:


Having issues with this module? Check out the Archipelago Commons google groups for tech + emotional support + updates.


Caring & Coding + Fixing


This software is a Metropolitan New York Library Council Open-Source initiative and part of the Archipelago Commons project.