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  • Fixed a bug on snes9xTYL Mod 171008 that may corrupt savestates on some games.
  • Fixed a bug on Super Mario RPG that was causing graphical glitches on battles if speedhacks from snesadvance.dat were not enabled.
  • Improved accuracy of Super FX emulation.
  • Replaced SA1 option on MISC->Hack/debug menu for SFX overclock to control speed/accuracy.
  • Added a new option to adjust sound volume level on SOUND menu (Higher values can cause noise on some games).
  • Added compatibility for SD Gundam GX, and Top Gear 3000/The Planet's Champ TG3000.
  • Fixed Dungeon Master.
  • Added speedhack for Ace o Nerae (and his english translation: Aim for the Ace v1.2) from snes9x 3DS.
  • Added Brunnis input lag fix from snes9x2010 (Reduce input lag by 1 frame).

Important: Make sure to backup your SAVES and/or S9XTYLSAVES folders just in case something goes wrong. Previous version 171008 has a bug that may corrupt savestates on some games so It was deleted.

Note: Some games run faster if "Ignore Palette writes" and/or "Simple Palette writes" are enabled on MISC->Hack/debug menu.

  • s9xTYLcm version is mean to be used on PSVita with Adrenaline, eCFW ARK, VHBL, etc. It works on PSP too but is slower than s9xTYLme version.
  • s9xTYLme version uses Media Engine for sound emulation and is faster than s9xTYLcm. It is not compatible with PSVita.
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