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##Live Link

A social media website for finding, sharing and reviewing all your favorite movies!


  • Search for real movies from a massive third-party database.
  • Create your own custom libraries to keep track of your favorite films or those movies you're just dying to see.
  • Write reviews for movies and give them a zero-to-five star rating.
  • Follow your friends so you can see what they're watching.
  • Don't see that super obscure movie you're looking for (doubtful...)? Add your own movie to our database. Make sure to upload a poster image!

What's Under the Hood?

  • Ruby on Rails infrastructure and authentication.
  • Backbone.js interface enables a dynamic single-page application.
  • jQuery UI allows for draggable and sortable library list items.
  • Custom AJAX requests made to Rails controllers and the main third-party API, The Movie DB.
  • Does not duplicate movie models on subsequent user requests.
  • Fetches each movie's IMDb and Metacritic ratings using third-party API service, Mashape and its HTTP request library, Unirest.
  • File upload of poster images supported by paperclip gem, automatically creates a thumbnail size photo to be displayed in list items.
  • Automatic cloud file storage using AWS' S3 database.
  • Users search supported by pg_search gem.
  • Clickable, auto-updating star ratings supported by raty gem.
  • RSpec tests supported by shoulda-matchers gem.


a social media site for sharing movie reviews (inspired by goodreads)






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