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Draft for a plugin for Mautic that adds new slots in the Builder
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Mautic ESN Plugin

Draft of a plugin for extending the slots and add new ones into the builder


Add new slots into the builder with some predefined styles and code, just to modify the image and the text, instead of creating ones with the html, so users with not so advanced skills in HTML can use the builder with this extra slots.


  1. Copy ESNPluginBundle from repository into /plugins folder
  2. Delete cache's folder content in /app/cache
  3. Go to Settings -> Plugins (or type YOUR-URL/s/plugins in the browser), then click on Install/Upgrade Plugins
  4. ESNPlugin icon will appear and will be active


Once the plugin is active, the new slots will appear in the Email and Landing Pages Builders. Just Drag&Drop them into your plugin and you will be able to use them.


  • Make the editor fully compatible, there is an issue with the images
  • Use own tags instead of the default ones


Not decided yet :) About Mautic: License

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