Powerarrow-Dark version
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powerarrow-dark for Awesome 3.5

This is the powerarrow-dark version of the Powerarrow by me.


Lua-oocairo: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/lua-oocairo/

Vicious: http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/Vicious#Getting_Vicious

If you are running Arch, I highly recommend you grab all that from the repository.


  • In the themes.lua, please change the $USER to yourself.
  • In the rc.lua, change the browser and terminal to the one you are using.
  • In the rc.lua change the wireless and ethernet interfaces to your own. (You can find out what the name is by running iwconfig in your terminal)

Beware, some of the hotkeys/key-bindings are from my rc.lua, so if something that you are used to pressing doesn't work, check my global keys.

How to setup GMail Integration

  • In your home directory, created a file named .netrc
  • In this file you will put your login details, it should look like this: machine mail.google.com login youremail@gmail.com password yoursecretpassword (without the quotations of course)