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This page describes how to deploy a private lookup-service


Deploying a private perfSONAR LS instance involves the following steps:

  1. Installation of sLS
  2. Configuring/Starting sLS
  3. Installation of LS "BootStrap" Service
  4. Configuring/Starting the bootstrap service
  5. Configuring the toolkit instances

Installation of sLS

The sLS installation instructions can be found here:

Configuring sLS

If you use the rpm, the config files will be installed in /etc/lookup-service

lookupservice.yml: Configure the LS host and port information. The rest of the settings can have the default values.

Start the service by running:

service lookup-service start

Installation of LS BootStrap Service

Download and install the rpm: perl-perfSONAR_PS-SimpleLS-BootStrap-server

  1. rpm -hUv

  2. yum -y install perl-perfSONAR_PS-SimpleLS-BootStrap-server

Configuring/Starting the bootstrap service

  1. The config file can be found in /opt/SimpleLS/bootstrap/etc
  2. Edit the hosts-server.yml file
  3. Each host entry contains the following: locator, priority and status
    locator: the sLS URL of the private instance
    priority: Currently we do not use the priority field. So, this can be set to ~
    status: Set it to 'unknown'
  4. Save the configuration
  5. Start/Restart the bootstrap service using {{{service simple_ls_bootstrap_server start|stop|restart }}}
  6. This will output an activehosts.json file. Make sure the file is accessible via web.

5. Configuring toolkit instances

The bootstrap client is installed in each toolkit instance but it comes with the default bootstrap URL, which is the global LS bootstrap.

To change the URL in the client, do the following:

  • The config file is located in /opt/SimpleLS/bootstrap/etc
  • Edit hosts-client.yml.
  • Set the locator information with the complete URL of the activehosts.json file (the one you configured for web access in Step 4. Configuring the bootstrap file)
  • Start/Restart the client by running service simple_ls_bootstrap_client start|restart|stop

A word about Security

The private sLS instance will not be globally visible but can still be accessible if the URL is available. If you want a private sLS for security reasons, there are 2 ways of achieving this:

  • you can use a private address that can be accessed only within your LAN.
  • you can secure access by using ACLs or IPTables,