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(This is a growing list of items to be checked when doing a new release.)

Building sLS rpm

  • First, update mvn to the release version(Eg: x.y)
    mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=x.y-SNAPSHOT
    mvn versions:commit

  • Next, update lookup-service.spec to release version

  • Then, update rpm-build-script to the latest version

  • Finally, build rpm

After building rpm, check the following

  • Does rpm release number match the actual release number
  • Sign rpm with perfsonar key
  • Deploy on test host
  • Check rpm for the following: * Version number in rpm * New install rpm: Does the config file have default values (host:'localhost',port:8090) * Updating rpm: Is the rpm replacing the existing config file?(It must not replace. The default config file should be created as a separate file if a config file already exists)
  • Push to yum repo
  • Update Release notes
  • Send email
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