Upgrading to 2.1 release

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This page shows you how to upgrade the Simple Lookup Service. If this is a new install, then you may want to refer to this: LSInstallation

System Requirements

The following hardware configuration is recommended:

  • Hard disk = 50G-100G
  • Memory - 4G
  • Cores - 4

Ports (ACLs)

The sLS requires the following ports to be open

  • 8090

Upgrade process

  1. Configure MongoDB yum repo and install MongoDB 3.x. Follow instructions from here: MongoDB Installation
  2. Configure MongoDB. Config file: /etc/mongod.conf.
  3. Run mongodb - service mongodb start
  4. Install/Update sLS rpm.
  5. Ensure lookup-service config has the correct host-name and port: (/etc/lookup-service/lookupservice.yaml)
  6. Restart lookup-service: service lookup-service restart
  7. Go to: http://hostname:8090/lookup/records to check if your lookup service is up and running.
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