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A more user friendly layer for decoding JSON in C/C++ based on the ultra fast UltraJSON library


Copy all of the files from /src and /3rdparty into a folder of choice in your own project. #include ujdecode.h read more about the API in ujdecode.h


UJObject obj;
void *state;
const char input[] = "{\"name\": \"John Doe\", \"age\": 31, \"number\": 1337.37, \"address\": { \"city\": \"Uppsala\", \"population\": 9223372036854775807 } }";
size_t cbInput = sizeof(input) - 1;

const wchar_t *personKeys[] = { L"name", L"age", L"number", L"address"};
UJObject oName, oAge, oNumber, oAddress;

obj = UJDecode(input, cbInput, NULL, &state);

if (UJObjectUnpack(obj, 4, "SNNO", personKeys, &oName, &oAge, &oNumber, &oAddress) == 4)
    const wchar_t *addressKeys[] = { L"city", L"population" };
    UJObject oCity, oPopulation;

    const wchar_t *name = UJReadString(oName, NULL);
    int age = UJNumericInt(oAge);
    double number = UJNumericFloat(oNumber);

    if (UJObjectUnpack(oAddress, 2, "SN", addressKeys, &oCity, &oPopulation) == 2)
        const wchar_t *city;
        long long population;
        city = UJReadString(oCity, NULL);
        population = UJNumericLongLong(oPopulation);