Accept iso_dates as a kwarg to print dates in ISO 8601 format #101

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@alex alex commented on the diff Aug 1, 2013
@@ -841,6 +867,11 @@ PyObject* objToJSON(PyObject* self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwargs)
encoder.encodeHTMLChars = 1;
+ if (oisoDates != NULL && PyObject_IsTrue(oisoDates))
alex Aug 1, 2013

You need to check for errors in teh result of PyObject_IsTrue: when it returns -1 that means an exception has occurred.

@alex alex commented on the diff Aug 1, 2013
@@ -316,6 +316,14 @@ def test_encodeDatetimeConversion(self):
self.assertEquals(int(expected), ujson.decode(output))
+ def test_encodeDatetimeConversionISO(self):
+ ts = time.time()
+ input = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts)
+ output = ujson.encode(input, iso_dates=True)
+ expected = input.isoformat()
+ self.assertEquals(expected, ujson.decode(output))
+ pass
alex Aug 1, 2013

I don't understand why pass is left here.

mattrobenolt Aug 1, 2013

I left to literally follow the convention in the other tests. I'd prefer to remove them all, but meh. I don't like it.

@alex alex commented on the diff Aug 1, 2013
@@ -178,6 +178,16 @@ static void *PyDateToINT64(JSOBJ _obj, JSONTypeContext *tc, void *outValue, size
return NULL;
+static void *PyDateToISO(JSOBJ _obj, JSONTypeContext *tc, void *outValue, size_t *_outLen)
+ PyObject *obj = (PyObject *) _obj;
+ PyObject *iso;
+ iso = PyObject_CallMethod(obj, "isoformat", NULL);
+ *_outLen = PyString_GET_SIZE(iso);
alex Aug 1, 2013

Before you use this you need to check that a) it returns a string, and b) it's non-null indicating that an exception didn't occur. I'm also not totally convinced this function reference counts correctly.


I'm very much interested in bringing this one on board, I've added generic means to which the integrator (Python) can pass private arguments through ujson and have them show up in the JSONTypeContext struct as encoder_prv value.

Could you adapt your code to setup an Options struct in the Python integration code which you then pass as the prv argument in the JSONObjectEncoder struct. Ujson will transfer that prv argment into encoder_prv in JSONTypeContext when calling the Python functions.

Looking forward to a pull request

@jskorpan jskorpan closed this Apr 14, 2014
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