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GNOME Activities-like behaviour inside your Windows desktop
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Wignome Activities

Make Windows work like GNOME Activities.

How to use image

Installation & Use

Download latest binaries from Releases

Unzip to your preffered folder

Run WignomeActivities\wignome_activities_profile_editor.exe or -c to create your profile

When you are done, type "done" and press enter to save profile ( profile is saved into %APPDATA% folder )

Then run just wignome_activities.exe or and test your profile

Profile creation

Your profile consists of list of squares. You are about to move your mouse to the upper left and then lower right corner of the square, every corner confirming by pressing etner.

After saving your profile and re-running the program, every time when the mouse enters one of selected squares the miniatures of all windows will appear.

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