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Easy way to organize your in-game dialogs
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Dialog tree creator

Allows you to easily organize your in-game dialogs into easily readable tree and then export them using JSON


This example produces {"0":{"title":"Mr. A","text":"Hello! How can I help?","options":[{"title":"Who are you?","link":4},{"title":"How old are you?","link":6},{"title":"Leave"}]},"4":{"title":"Mr. A","text":"My name is not important.","options":[{"title":"Sure."},{"title":"I think it is."}]},"6":{"title":"Mr. A","text":"45. And you?","options":[{"title":"21","link":10},{"title":"11","link":11}]},"10":{"title":"You","text":"I am 21.","options":[]},"11":{"title":"You","text":"My mom told me not to tell my age to the strangers.","options":[]}} as a result

How it works

The dialog tree consists of Frames and Options. Every dialog tree must have at least only one frame - the root frame with index 0.

Frame can have unlimited options which users selects. Every option can have up to one Frame linked.

Result format

Result is saved into JSON.

For example:

Export format example


  "0": {  -- index 0 means root frame
    "title": "Root dialog title",  -- every frame has its title
    "text": "Root dialog text", -- every frame has its text
    "options": [  -- the list of child options for this frame
        "title": "First option",  -- every option has its title
        "link": 3  -- index of frame that will be opened if user clicks on this option. Optional.
        "title": "Option without frame"   -- every option has its title
  		-- no link here. This means that the dialog will end after selecting this option
  "3": {  -- another frame. Every frame has its index.
    "title": "Second frame", -- every frame has its title
    "text": "", -- every frame has its text
    "options": []  -- this frame has no options.


I know that there is still a lot to do, if you wanna help me, please check out the issues or submit your own ideas 😉

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