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Because who wants Python code in plain text?
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Python Emojicoder

Because who wants Python code in plain text?


What is this?

This is what allows you to convert all your boring plain text Python code into emojis!

Just run python3 --backup

and have a new cool, modern and awesome file. Still fully runable. Try it!


Cool, isn't it?

P. S. if you are a mad man try running with --no-decoder option 😉


When you run emojicoder it will not just encode whole file, but it will also add a minimalistic function that decrypts code back to boring Python (don't worry, it is done during runtime and just in memory)


Say no more!

import emojicoder

boring_string = "hello emojis"
cool_string = emojicoder.encode(boring_string)  # encodes string to emojis
original_string = emojicoder.decode(cool_string)  # decodes emojis to plaintext string

I get it, but WHY?

Too much /r/ProgrammerHumor, i guess

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