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Get a database with remote access in literary no time
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Super Quick PHP database

Just put one file on your web server and you are ready to go!

What is this?

This script provides you with a simple database that you can use anywhere by using its API. It's so simple that you do not even have to configure anything!

When should I use this?

Anytime you want to setup a database with easy remote access in literary no time and for free. (You can use any form of free web hosting)

What type storage does it use?

Your database is stored in a external PHP file as base64 JSON. The PHP file is protected from direct access, so nobody can just download your whole database at once.

Is this secure?

I would say so. Some level of basic security IS provided. Nobody can access your database without knowing the name of the database and existing item in that database (if they use anything else, they are given a random generated data that look like a ba64 file)

Furthermore, you can setup a key that is required to manipulate with your database.

Can I use it as my production database?

NO! I specifically said that it provides just some level of basic security.

Plus, the type of storage this script uses is not event remotely effective, so it is not recommended for storing big loads of data.

How do I use it?

First, deploy the db.php script to your web server (let's say And that's it. You have successfully deployed your database!

Now you can access your data by calling GET

Or set the using the val parameter: GET

Sweet, right?

More configuration

If you want to configure your database, open the db.php file and edit the CONFIG array.

  "databaseFile" => "db.db.php", // data will be stored in this file
  "apiKey" => false, // set to false to diable API
  "accessKey" => false, // set to false to allow any key
  // when wrong key is provided or nonexisting item is requested, script will pretend to send existing data to prevent data stealing 
  "maskNonexistingKeys" => true  

Remote API

If you have set up a API key in CONFIG["apiKey"] you can use following existing API:

  • GET will return whole database as a base64 file
  • GET will DELETE all data

Can you give use a working example?

Sure. This Python implementation behaves just like normal dictionary, but it uses this PHP database as a backend.

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