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x11log is a tiny, simplistic, non-privileged, unobtrusive local/remote userspace keylogger for X11 sessions. It only requires libX11 and, if you want remote logging to a HTTP server, libcurl.

  • No root privileges required. It logs all keystrokes, including meta-keys and modifiers of the user who is running the application, as long as he/she has an actively running X session. However, it's not necessary to run the logger from within the X environment (e.g. a graphical xterminal) - it also works when called via SSH or on a virtual console.

  • Stealthy daemon mode. You may run the logger as background-daemon, with the possibility of completely omitting any console output, altering its name within the process list, and fully hide given command-line arguments. By default, it's renaming itself to a kernel thread.

  • Local logging to file

  • Remote logging to TCP port. It's easily possible to simply send the keystrokes to a specified port on a host on the net. The other end of the connection just needs a program which is actively listening for TCP connections, typically done through netcat (e.g. via BSD netcat: nc -l 4000 -k).

  • Remote logging to your web-server. Alternatively, you may choose a web-server, to which the keystrokes are sent, encapsulated within a HTTP GET request, and "hidden" in a HTTP header field (User-Agent by default).


x11log - a tiny, non-privileged local+remote keylogger for X11




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