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Add cookieAuthenticationTheft message definition

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1 parent 1c6debf commit 2d9f12f01039fbcd91f8f936078c1ef9d5839d67 @tobscure tobscure committed
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1 languages/English/definitions.php
@@ -357,6 +357,7 @@
$definitions["message.connectionError"] = "esoTalk could not connect to the MySQL server. The error returned was:<br/>%s";
$definitions["message.conversationDeleted"] = "The conversation was deleted. Didn't that feel good?";
$definitions["message.conversationNotFound"] = "For some reason this conversation cannot be viewed. Maybe it's been deleted? Or maybe it's a private conversation, in which case you might not be logged in or you might not be invited. Oh man, I hope they're not talking about you behind your back!";
+$definitions["message.cookieAuthenticationTheft"] = "For security reasons, we couldn't log you in with your 'remember me' cookie. Please log in manually!";
$definitions["message.deleteChannelHelp"] = "Woah, hold up there! If you delete this channel, there'll be no way to get it back. Unless you build a time machine. But, uh, there'll be no <em>easy</em> way to get it back. All of the conversations in this channel can be moved to another of your choice.";
$definitions["message.emailConfirmed"] = "Cool! Your account has been validated and you can now start participating in conversations. Why not <a href='".URL("conversation/start")."'>start one</a> yourself?";
$definitions["message.emailDoesntExist"] = "That email address doesn't match any members in the database. Did you make a typo?";

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