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"notifications" is not smart enough. #18

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I have read the unread post , but notifications still reminding me.

esoTalk member

Can you please provide additional information and a specific test case, or steps to reproduce?


firefox 8.0 (windows)

  1. In see new post.
  2. Click "Jump to unread"
  3. "notifications" prompted me unread. But I have read that post.


  1. Click "notifications", But I have not read those posts.
  2. "notifications" is no longer notices me.
esoTalk member

Thanks. After doing some more testing, the following outlines the problems with the notifications system:

  • If a notification is shown as a popup in the bottom left corner, and then clicked on, it still appears as unread in the notification badge up the top.

  • As you said, if you have an unread notification, and you get to the conversation it refers to some other way, the notification remains unread. I'm not sure if this is as much of a problem (I believe a similar thing occurs in Facebook, for example.)

  • Duplicate notifications can occur if someone tags you in a private or starred conversation. (You get two notifications for the same post.)

  • Issue #9

@tobscure tobscure added a commit that closed this issue
@tobscure tobscure Reworked notifications to fix various bugs. close #18
Post notifications are now actually added to the database whenever
someone replies for each user that has followed the conversation (as
opposed to being dynamically generated each time notifications were

This allows them to be individually marked as read, fixing various
annoyances that were previously present.
@tobscure tobscure closed this in 0aec714
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