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ESoWC 2019 - Obtaining online aircraft metadata.

Team: @michiboo

Mentor: @BruceIngleby, @MohamedDahoui


The aim of this project is to obtain aircraft metadata for AMDAR data.

To do

  • Create API for flightaware
  • Create API for flightradar24
  • Create API for 1+ more site
  • Create table for airport (number of records: 5958)
  • Create table for flight routes (number of records: 1022545)
  • Finish Readme
  • Mapping out flight path? (maybe)
  • Optimize
  • Documentation
  • Clean code
  • Use official API of flightaware?

quick start

It have to use a specific version of chrome, in this case it use version 74, if your chrome version is differnt. Visit to download corresponding chromedriver and put it in chromedriver folder.

To use the script in other directory, run the command below:


To add it permanently to python path: open file ~/.bashrc add the line below: export PYTHONPATH=/home/my_user/code

To retrieve routes and plane type:

from planeTypeAPI import api
a = api()
flightID =  a._getTypeByID('CX19',option=1) # option 1 - flightaware , 0 - flightradar24
routes = a.getRoutebyAware('PDX','SEA') # get routes from flightaware
routestat = a.getRouteByStat('PDX','SEA', 20190510192005) # get routes from flightstats


Thank you @jwagemann for organize ESOWC event!

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