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BVtk: scientific visualization inside Blender
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The Visualization Toolkit (VTK ) is an open source library for scientific visualization developed by Kitware. BVtkNodes is a Blender Addon allowing to use VTK within Blender.

addon for: Blender version 2.79.
current version: beta 1.0
license: GPL3
contributors: Silvano Imboden ( , Lorenzo Celli, Paul Mc Manus


VTK (version 7 and above) and VTK python wrappers compatible with the python used in Blender.
For Ubuntu 16.04 and above you may try the following binaries
To build VTK your own please look here: build_vtk_for_blender.


  • verify the feasibility of using VTK inside Blender
  • provide a tools to quickly learn VTK and prototiping VTK pipelines.

Desiderable side effects:

  • provide Blender users with readers for many scientific data format, and techniques to convert them to blender mesh.
  • provide VTK users with hi-quality-rendering and many kind of mesh editing tools.


  • verify the prerequisites
  • download
  • Blender menu > User Preferences > Addons > install from file > choose the zip-archive > activate flag beside BVtkNodes
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