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use crate::spec::{LinkerFlavor, PanicStrategy, Target, TargetOptions, TargetResult, abi::Abi};
// use crate::spec::abi::Abi;
pub fn target() -> TargetResult {
Ok(Target {
llvm_target: "xtensa-none-elf".to_string(),
target_endian: "little".to_string(),
target_pointer_width: "32".to_string(),
target_c_int_width: "32".to_string(),
data_layout: "e-m:e-p:32:32-i1:8:32-i8:8:32-i16:16:32-i64:64-f64:64-a:0:32-n32".to_string(),
arch: "xtensa".to_string(),
target_os: "none".to_string(),
target_env: String::new(),
target_vendor: String::new(),
linker_flavor: LinkerFlavor::Gcc,
options: TargetOptions {
executables: true,
cpu: "esp32".to_string(),
// The LLVM backend currently can't generate object files. To
// workaround this LLVM generates assembly files which then we feed
// to gcc to get object files. For this reason we have a hard
// dependency on this specific gcc.
// asm_args: vec!["-mcpu=esp32".to_string()],
linker: Some("xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc".to_string()),
no_integrated_as: true,
max_atomic_width: Some(32),
atomic_cas: true,
// Because these devices have very little resources having an
// unwinder is too onerous so we default to "abort" because the
// "unwind" strategy is very rare.
panic_strategy: PanicStrategy::Abort,
// Similarly, one almost always never wants to use relocatable
// code because of the extra costs it involves.
relocation_model: "static".to_string(),
// Right now we invoke an external assembler and this isn't
// compatible with multiple codegen units, and plus we probably
// don't want to invoke that many gcc instances.
default_codegen_units: Some(1),
// Since MSP430 doesn't meaningfully support faulting on illegal
// instructions, LLVM generates a call to abort() function instead
// of a trap instruction. Such calls are 4 bytes long, and that is
// too much overhead for such small target.
trap_unreachable: false,
// See the file for an explanation of this value
emit_debug_gdb_scripts: false,
abi_blacklist: vec![
.. Default::default( )