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Basic Ticker usage
Ticker is an object that will call a given function with a certain period.
Each Ticker calls one function. You can have as many Tickers as you like,
memory being the only limitation.
A function may be attached to a ticker and detached from the ticker.
There are two variants of the attach function: attach and attach_ms.
The first one takes period in seconds, the second one in milliseconds.
The built-in LED will be blinking.
#include <Ticker.h>
Ticker flipper;
int count = 0;
void flip() {
int state = digitalRead(LED_BUILTIN); // get the current state of GPIO1 pin
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, !state); // set pin to the opposite state
// when the counter reaches a certain value, start blinking like crazy
if (count == 20) {
flipper.attach(0.1, flip);
// when the counter reaches yet another value, stop blinking
else if (count == 120) {
void setup() {
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, LOW);
// flip the pin every 0.3s
flipper.attach(0.3, flip);
void loop() {
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