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Policy and site configuration for an eSpaces project site.

Essentially, this is an opinionated configuration for usage of collective.spaces, featuring a dependency on a number of well-worn add-ons for Plone, several security customisations, and various other configuration items as listed in the features below.


  • Self-creation of eSpaces (powered by collective.spaces)
    • Users must be authenticated via Shibboleth to be able to create their own eSpaces. This is protected by a special Plone security role that this policy product assigns to "Shibboleth Authenticated" users.
    • Any user with a valid Institutional account is able to create an eSpace.
    • File quotas are limited to 300MB per file, and 20MB per image.
    • Ability to associate a custom URL with your space, or the ability to have your own * domain.
    • Customisable theme per-Space (via Diazo and
  • Flexible management and customisation
    • Self-management of access and configuration of Space owners.
    • Customisable look and feel with ability to select a logo and a theme from a pre-set number of options.
    • Customisable navigation and portlets (Twitter, RSS, news and events, custom text, and more).
  • Flexible authentication
    • Login via Shibboleth Institutional login for researchers and collaborators.
    • Self-registration enabled for non-Institutional users.
  • User-selectable theming
    • Users can pick from any number of Bootswatch-style ( themes, which have been integrated into Plone.
  • Custom eSpaces theme
    • Custom-designed theme, built on Bootstrap and Bootswatch, provided for use within Plone. Source located at espaces.bootswatch.

Final customisations

  • Mailhost settings (mailhost.xml)
  • Site email address (properties.xml)
  • Analytics via webstats_js property (propertiestool.xml)


  • Ability to share content with the world via RSS feeds (see aws.authrss for token-based secure access)
  • Quotas on a per-Space basis.
    • Look at ftw.quota and Products.Quota for implementation details to borrow.
  • Display size quota usage in a portlet or somewhere accessible to the user.
  • Potentially limits on the number of Spaces a person may create



The underlying library, diazotheme.bootswatch provides a number of other themes, but these have been diasabled by somewhat of a hack. Either these themes could be improved, or a better way of disabling themes should be investigated.


Policy and configuration for the eSpaces project, powered by Plone.



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