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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

I've created a page, but my custom script/embed/Flash/widget is being stripped

By default, |project-name| is configured to strip out all potentially dangerous HTML from content being included. The reason for this is that untrusted input, especially from iframe and script elements can compromise site security.

Contact your site administrator for more information and details about what other options you may have for including your content.

.. only:: bootstrap_theme

    The title bar covers or obscures my logo

    The title bar layout applies to all areas on |project-name| and is designed
    for improve accessibilty. If your logo is hidden or obscured as shown
    below, we recommend reducing the number of first level items in your site
    and keeping content titles *short* and *descriptive*.

    .. image:: images/hidden_logo.png
       :alt: My logo is obscured
       :align: center
       :scale: 50%

    The top-level navigation items also represent the menu on mobile devices.
    Due to limited space on these smaller screens, keeping the length and
    number of top-level navigation tabs down will improve the experience for
    your visitors.

    Here are some suggestions for improving your site at the same time:

    #. Structure and group content into logically-separated areas, using
       folders at the top-level of the site.
    #. Use clear, concise titles for your folders to explain what is inside.
    #. Always ensure your content is placed into the correct areas within
       your site. This will ensure the site stays well-structured.

    The same philosophies are applicable to other web-based systems as well,
    not just |project-name|.  Following these suggestions will aid in the
    usability and presentation of your site and at the same time ensure your
    logo is visible.

I can't edit or modify content

Each content item on the |project-name| has certain, assigned access rights. Only creators, editors, and site administrators are typically allowed to edit content, unless explicit permission is granted to a specific user or group.

If you would like edit access on a particular content item, you should contact the creator of the content and request that you be granted access. is listed just below the title and description of the item.

How can I grant access to my documents?

For full details on how to grant specific users access to your content, see :ref:`sharing-your-content`.

How can I find a page that I created?

Use the search functionality, available at the top of any (and every) page. Enter keywords into the search box and press Enter or Return to start your search.

Otherwise, if you know where the content should be, remember to check the Contents tab against the given folder. You may have inadvertently enabled the Exclude from navigation option on your content, causing it to be hidden from standard listings.

How can I reorder content within a folder?

See :ref:`sorting-a-folder` for details on how to adjust the ordering of content within a given folder.