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XMLHttpRequest Level 2


Was reserved for future use. Now has:

  • attribute Function onloadstart
  • attribute Function onprogress
  • attribute Function onabort
  • attribute Function onerror
  • attribute Function onload
  • attribute Function ontimeout
  • attribute Function onloadend


Inherits from XMLHttpRequestEventTarget.


(We don't talk here about the update to Web IDL. Ahem.)

  • attribute unsigned long timeout
  • attribute boolean withCredentials
  • readonly attribute XMLHttpRequestUpload upload
  • void send(ArrayBuffer data)
  • void send(Blob data)
  • void send(FormData data)
  • void overrideMimeType(DOMString mime)
  • attribute DOMString responseType
  • readonly attribute any response

The response attribute is mostly the same as responseText, when the responseType is the empty string or "text". But it can also be an "arraybuffer", a "blob", or a "document".

As you can tell, this update mostly adds Typed Arrays.


  • void append(DOMString name, Blob value, optional DOMString filename)
  • void append(DOMString name, DOMString value)

Specification: http://dev.w3.org/2006/webapi/XMLHttpRequest-2/

Thanks Anne Van Kesteren.